Kindness "ROCKS"!

Letter from the President


Gail Elfert, President 2019-2020

As we begin our new club year together I want to give you a little insight into how I came up with the theme for the year: “Let Us Forget Not to Be Kind.” and the shorter nickname Kindness “Rocks”. I was moved for some reason to look beyond the automatic, “rote” recitation of the Club Collect at meetings to a closer examination of the words and what they mean to us today. I asked myself if they were still relevant 115 years after they were written, or were they relics from the early days of the long women’s empowerment journey. My conclusion was that this “prayer” written by Mary Stewart is still worthy of being the prayer of club women today. In fact, I was convicted that it could actually inspire us to reach higher goals, make more significant changes, and become better club friends and community citizens if we really took the words to heart.


So, one of my goals for us is that by the end of the year, each of us (whether a member for 1 year or 40 years) will know the words of the Collect and be able to “Pray” them together without even looking in our yearbooks! 

The second goal is that we move out of our comfort zones a bit and look for new ways to be “large in thought, in word, and in deed””. When we joined as individuals, we all had a desire to DO something worthwhile as a group that couldn’t be done alone. So, let’s do some great things together this year that we can look back on with a bit of pride and a lot of thankfulness knowing that our ideas and efforts made a difference and changed lives for the better.

The third goal is that we “ramp up” our publicity so that others in the community know who we are, what we are doing, and how they can become a part of us! One of the ways we are going to work on this is with an updated and improved website that will be used by our club members to stay in touch and “on top of” what is going on in the club, and also used by the general public to learn more about us, find out about our fundraisers and events, and even buy tickets to events! 

And the fourth goal is that we become role models for otherswho see us in the newspaper (and they will see us there!), on our website, and out in the community as women who are generous, without prejudice, unafraid, and maybe most importantlykind

Because, after all, Kindness “ROCKS!


Let Us Forget Not to Be Kind