Letter From The President

Becky Travis


Again this year we will gather together every month to continue the work of the many women who have gone before us in the St. Andrews Woman’s Club and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.   It seems an awesome and inspiring task but one that is rooted in friendship and commitment to our community.

I am looking forward to working with the board and every member to continue the legacy of Bridal Showcase with new traditions including Belk Charity Sales, our Bunco FUNdraiser, Town Theater and the adventures of our
aucy Audacious Women Cavorting.  CSPs are continuing the work of our predecessors with their commitment to conservation, the welfare of women and children and ending human trafficking.  Did you know that the women’s movement began with a commitment to end slavery? Or that women were in the forefront of efforts to end child labor and improve working conditions for all laborers even before we had the right to vote?  Or that it was a woman who literally wrote the book that helped end the scourge of DDT and preserve our environment?

As clubwomen, we have enormous shoes to fill but with the fellowship and support of each member of the SAWC we can each individually and collectively plant the seeds that will continue to bear fruit in the future.  Let’s each of us renew our commitment to each other in the St. Andrews Woman’s Club this year and to the work that brings us together.